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Four fanny packs for hiking and walking are held for presentation by one person.
The fanny pack / bum bag is back!

The bum bag (fanny pack to those in North America) is not new but it has been freshly re-designed.
A bag attached to a belt was used in the stone age 5000 years ago, and while the appearance may have changed, the function remains the same. The fanny pack had a comeback in the 80’s and early 90’s, when many people – me included – just smiled at it and couldn't understand why one would use it.
But now it has returned, again! Already very popular in the ultralight hiking community in the US, the bum bag is now back in Australia with a vengeance.
The OrangeBrown fanny pack is designed and hand made in our workshop, and is now available for those who like to break fashion conventions or use it for their outdoor adventures. More details on our fanny pack page.

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