Full on at OrangeBrown

View from OrangeBrown workbench to the outside. This is where we make our ultralight backpacks for hiking and bushwalking.

Here at OrangeBrown exciting times have begun. A big change has happened over the past few months, and since the beginning of March I am now concentrating full-time on OrangeBrown.

I had been in my previous job for more than a decade and felt that I needed a change, and to be more creative again. Since I started OrangeBrown I realised how much fun it is to develop and manufacture products. I had to refresh my sewing skills – I definitely had to upskill and learn a lot more than just how to use the thread-injector. Problem-solving when creating a new product is a really creative process that makes me think and analyse and assess, which I love.
My initial motivation to start this venture was to make gear that worked for me and met my requirements. At some point I realised that others liked my gear too – that's how OrangeBrown came into life.
Most important for me is that the gear I make is functioning well. When I have developed a product which works well, I start to source materials from Australia and overseas to ensure that the materials I use are of good quality. With all the effort and time I invest in production, I want to make sure that the gear will last for a long time. I'm also always looking at the visual appearance of the things I am making – for example a backpack – if I can make it look good and function well, I am happy.
Now that I am able to concentrate on OrangeBrown full-time, I hope to be able to offer a range of new functional and durable products over the coming months and years.
When you are using a piece of OrangeBrown gear you can be sure that it is Australian-made, here in my workshop under ethical production standards. I'm not outsourcing any of my processes – everything is done in-house and goes through my hands.
If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please let me know. Thanks for reading and thank you for your support.


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