How did OrangeBrown start? 

When I got back onto the hiking trail a few years ago I was initially using my old equipment, purchased in Germany 25 years ago when I was a university student. The backpack, tent and other items were excellent quality and in good working order, but I was interested in how they could be improved. I started researching new fabrics and designs, with the idea of making some of this equipment myself. I wanted to use lighter materials and design products that met my needs for carrying my gear and for shelter.

And so with a sewing machine, a pile of ultralight and lightweight fabrics and a notebook full of ideas, over a period of a year I created numerous small bags and backpacks, testing different shapes, sizes and fabrics. While using some of these products out on hiking trails, I found that other hikers commented on them and wanted to know more. I was thrilled that others were interested in these simple items, and decided to put together a small range of my products for sale, and launch them under the OrangeBrown label in 2018. 

Indeed, this is only the beginning and there will be more products coming in the near future. The notebook of ideas is filling, and the backpacks and an ultralightweight shelter are currently being tested. As soon as I'm happy with design and usability I will introduce them here.

I am so excited to bring my ideas and designs to you, and am looking forward to putting more of my creations out here. I am happy to share my enthusiasm and hope to hear from you too — I would love to know your thoughts and ideas – please drop me a line – in English or German!