Fanny Pack OB 2.4

$85.00 AUD

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            • functional design with one large main compartment and two pockets
            • one pocket gives you easy and quick access to your phone without having to open the zipper
            • spacious enough for a compact or APS-C camera and other gear you want to access easily while walking
            • carry around the waist, over the shoulder or across the body
            • lightweight but robust
            • volume: approx. 2.5 L
            • constructed from X-Pac and Lite Skin high-performance materials in a range of colours
            • solid #5 YKK Uretek waterproof zipper
            • designed and handmade in Australia
          • Volume
            75g - 110g depending on material 
            dimensions: 22 cm x 8.5 cm x 13 cm
            X-Pac VX21 –  yellow, red , teal & black– 95g
            X-Pac X33 –  camouflage – 105g
            X-Pac X50/VX21 –  black camouflage – 110g
            X-Pac VX07 –  black light– 90g
            X-Pac Lite Skin® – grey – 75g
            More detailed information about the materials we are using for the Fanny Pack you can find in our FAQ section.
          • The Fanny Pack OB 2.4 is the perfect carrying solution for your camera, phone, emergency beacon and some snacks while on the hiking trail. With an overall length of up to 130 cm, it can be carried comfortably in many ways. Apart from the large main compartment, there is a partition on the inside (eg for passport or other documents) and a hidden pocket on the back which allows easy access to your phone without having to open the zip. While we use waterproof materials and keep seams to a minimum, we recommend using a large zip lock plastic bag when anticipating a lot of rain. The OB 2.4 looks great on the trail or in the city – you will love it!

            The Fanny Pack is made in Australia.