How to choose the backpack size


The backpack size should be chosen according to your torso length and height – this serves most people well. However, there can be some variation with different body shapes, and how you prefer to carry the backpack. Some prefer it to sit higher and some prefer lower. We recommend measuring your torso length and height and using the size recommendations below.


Measure the torso length

The torso length is the distance between the C7 vertebra (the one which protrudes from the neck a bit when bending the head forward) and the height of the top of the hipbone. Measure torso length as follows, ideally with the help of a friend.

  1. run your thumbs down the sides of your ribcage until you reach the top of your hipbones
  2. imagine a horizontal line across your back between your thumbs, which crosses your spine – mark this point on the spine
  3. then, using a flexible tape-measure or piece of string, measure the distance from this point along the spine up to your C7 vertebra. 

Torso length and recommended backpack size:

40–45 cm: short

44–50 cm: medium

49–55 cm: long


Body height

Now, check the below table with recommended backpack size by your height: 

160–169 cm: short 

170–179 cm: medium 

180–190 cm: long


Well done!

If both your measurements indicate the same size, that’s the size to select. If they differ, or if it’s borderline, I suggest you try the bigger size.


Please contact us for help if uncertain. If your pack arrives and it doesn’t fit, you can exchange it for another size by contacting us within 10 days of receiving the pack, and we will provide instructions for how to exchange it. You will need to return the pack to OrangeBrown in new and unused condition (postage at your cost), and we will send a replacement in another size.